Scholarships and Financial Aid Help

We are glad to direct you to resources and services that will help you reduce the financial burden of college. We will update this page as necessary as more information comes available...

Step 1:

Determine Your College Cost

Click on our free college cost estimate tool below and get your complimentary report on what your expected contribution will be to college. Once done, look at your gap and see what options are available to you..

Step 2:

Complete the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile

If you are in your Senior Year, and every year after that up to 4 years you will need to complete the FAFSA to be eligible for scholarships and aid from any school that you may attend. This is required by most schools in helping reduce tuition

FAFSA Website

CSS Website

Step 3:

Search Private Scholarships and Loan Options

Most parents are looking for options on scholarships offered outside of the college or university. Thes are known as private funding. There are unused scholarships available every year that have to be applied.

Loans are also options, almost all defer payments until after school, but most accrue interest while in school. Below are some sites that will help you look at your options.

Freshman Scholarship (Appily)

Student Loans (Non FAFSA)

Student Loans (FAFSA)