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When should we start the college planning process?

It's never too early to start college planning! Ideally, it is recommended to begin the process in the early years of high school, around the freshman or sophomore year. This allows ample time to research colleges, understand admission requirements, and plan your child's academic trajectory accordingly. However, even if your child is in their junior or senior year, it's never too late to start. We can help you catch up and make the most of the time available

What types of financial aid are available?

There are various types of financial aid available to students, including scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and loans. Scholarships are typically awarded based on merit or specific criteria, while grants are often need-based and do not require repayment. Work-study programs provide part-time employment opportunities on campus, and loans need to be repaid over time with interest. Our experts will guide you through the process, helping you understand the differences and explore the options that best suit your financial situation.

How can we find out about scholarships?

There are several ways to find out about available merit-based scholarships. Start by researching scholarship databases, both online and offline, which list various scholarship opportunities based on different criteria. Additionally, reach out to your child's high school guidance counselor, who can provide information about local or school-specific scholarships. Explore professional organizations, community groups, and corporations that offer scholarships related to your child's interests or field of study. Our experts will guide you through this process, ensuring you don't miss any potential scholarship opportunities.